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Playoff Previews At The FanHouse

Our team of bloggers over at the NHL FanHouse has previewed each first round series and the two Conferences on the whole. Check 'em out:

Eastern Conference Preview: Eric McErlain
Sabres (1) vs. New York Islanders (8): Tom Luongo
Devils (2) vs. Lightning (7): J.P.
Thrashers (3) vs. New York Rangers (6): Tom Luongo
Senators (4) vs. Penguins (5): J.P.

Western Conference Preview
: Eric McErlain
Red Wings (1) vs Flames (8): Jes Golbez
Ducks (2) vs. Wild (7): James Mirtle
Canucks (3) vs. Stars (6): Jes Golbez
Predators (4) vs. Sharks (5): James Mirtle