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Mixed Bag For Bean Counters Near And Far

League-wide, there's good news and there's bad news on the money side of things (at least with regards to turnstiles and TV's). Read about the numbers over at the FanHouse.

Closer to home, it was a mixed bag as well. Attendance was up ever-so-slightly (11 more fans per game, up to 13,916 or 76% of the VC's capacity, according to Sports Business Journal) and paid attendance and revenue were also up.

On the other hand, with more money spent on marketing and personnel (both on-ice and off), the Caps actually lost more money over the course of the 2006-07 season than they did during the previous campaign.

But here's the real bottom line for Caps fans - as Ted Leonsis has said time and again, "the losses are manageable and they are planned."

CapsNation has been told that "Change is Coming" this summer, and has taken that to mean new talent, new uniforms, new marketing strategies - in short, a re-birth of the franchise. One thing that is unlikely to change, however, is that the team will once again lose money. But if most of those losses stay on the ledger and off the ice, no one - from the Owner's box on down - will mind a bit.