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Japers' Rink Shindig

Thanks to the Rink readers, Caps fans, Caps bloggers, and the Caps for making Saturday's shindig at Clyde's such a success. A few pictures from the party can be seen here.

Thanks also to Scott, owner of Ventnor Sports Cafe in Adams Morgan, for hosting the after party. (Unsolicited [and uncompensated] endorsement: Ventnor's is one of the few area hockey-friendly bars in DC, showing Center Ice games on its numerous flat-screens.) Bloggers from Japers' Rink, On Frozen Blog, DC SportsChick, the Kevin Hatcher Fan Club and James Mirtle all gathered there to watch Toronto raise the hopes of Leafs fans everywhere, only to have them crushed by the Isle on Sunday.

UPDATE: Scott has emailed to say that, beginning next week, Labatt will be on special at Ventnor, in celebration of the NHL playoffs.