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This, That And The Other Thing

A few random notes:

The London (Ontario) Free Press had a nice article on Dale Hunter's life as an OHL bench boss, where his record is an astounding 245-96-13-11 in five-plus years. Hmmm...

Another former Cap with coaching aspirations is taking it easy at home in Salem, MA (h/t to Kukla's on the link). Perhaps he'll be the Can't Miss Coach.

Am I crazy for totally wanting to tune in for this?

OFB points out that Hockey's Future really likes the Caps' NCAA prospects.

Speaking of OFB, Gustafsson pointed me to this (scroll to the bottom for "More Local Caps News"). Pretty cool.

The SeSo General & Media Links have been updated and are quite extensive (they're linked to on the sidebar here as well). Check 'em out, as well as the ever-expanding SeSo Blog Roll (also linked on the sidebar here).

Finally, this is fantastic - in the Battle of Ontario, there is a Row for Razor.