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The Post In Which I Profess My Love For Boyd Gordon

Alright, enough beating around the bush already. Earlier today I alluded to my burgeoning man-crush on Boyd "Muffins" Gordon. Back in early January I proclaimed a Selke Trophy to potentially be in his future, Dave Fay, to his credit, had a piece on Gordo's maturation as a player back in mid-December, and the fellas at OFB have been fans of Boyd's for quite some time, even if they didn't know who he was at first (really, who did?).

Now here we are - it's Friday, I'm in love (or perhaps I should quote "Working For The Weekend" by... Loverboyd).

Convinced yet that the kid's a keeper? Me too. In fact, the emergence of Gordon - who is signed through next year and will be a restricted free agent thereafter - may make decisions on Brian Sutherby and Brooks Laich, both RFAs at the end of this year, a little easier for the team. I know which of the three I'd want as my third-line pivot... and as my valentine.