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A Not-So Subtle Reminder That The NHL Is Rife With Neanderthals

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No, this isn't about on-ice goonery, but rather about something far more disturbing. With the recent "coming out" of a former NBA player, the question has naturally turned to if and when players or former players in other leagues might find the courage or desire to do the same.

The Globe and Mail's Adam Proteau doesn't think it will happen in the NHL any time soon. In fact, Proteau quotes an anonymous General Manager as saying there is "[n]o chance whatsoever." In fact, this GM continued, "[y]ou’d have better odds of a guy coming out as a member of Al-Qaeda."

I'm not saying he's wrong in that assessment, but, to paraphrase Proteau's conclusion, "when hockey people are comparing gays to terrorists," there's something wrong with the culture of the game.

On a lighter (but somewhat-related note), when Canada passed a constitutional amendment allowing for gay marriage back during the NHL lockout, Brett Hull appeared on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. When asked his thoughts on the amendment, Hull offered the following:
Well, that's what happens in Canada when there's no hockey. Guys have more time to hang out, talk about their feelings. Next thing you know, they're in love with each other. I've got nothing against it, but I'd rather be playing hockey.
Maybe the lockout did some good after all...