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Caps Demote Green

Per, the Caps have assigned Mike Green to Hershey.

Wow. I did not see that coming.

UPDATE: Here's the press release from Da Bears (please, no horrible Ray Nagin-esque jokes about the headline).

UPDATE: As Tyler noted, Tarik is on the case and promises more answers.

UPDATE: And here's Vogs' take:
But why Green? To put it simply (and perhaps cruelly), because they could. Of the 10 Washington defensemen, Green and Jeff Schultz are the only two who can be sent to Hershey without first having to clear waivers. Schultz has played so well of late that it would be even more cruel to send him out at the moment. When [John] Erskine and/or [Bryan] Muir returns, the Caps may have to send Schultz to Hershey anyway.
Yet another UPDATE: Tarik's earning his keep today, giving us quotes from Green and Coach Hanlon. First, Green:
That's their decision. They obviously have a plan. Obviously, [the NHL] is the best league in the world and I'm playing against some of the best players in the world. It made me realize the magnitude and the effort and the focus you have to put in every night to be good in [the NHL]. It's been a great experience and I'll be back there soon.
Then Hanlon:
For us, with all these defensemen here, it's the easy decision because he can down. From a hockey standpoint, I want to see him play some games down there and get back to playing up in the neutral zone. I want him to carry the puck and create some offense. We want more offense from him. It's an opportunity for him to go down and do those things.

There's no guarantees in this business, but there's a pretty good chance he'll be back sooner than later.