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Who's Better: Agent Zero Or Alexander The Gr8?

As some of you may know, the Caps aren't the only professional sports team that calls the Verizon Center home. I've recently been made aware of something called the NBA, which is a professional basketball League, one of whose member organizations - the Washington Wizards - plays its home games at the V.C. (I've seen some banners hanging from the rafters referencing a "Washington Bullets," but haven't seen anything related to these "Wizards." I also have seen banners denoting a "Washington Mystics" as "WNBA Attendance Champions," but figured that has to be a joke.).

Anyway, apparently these Wiz (as they are familiarly known) have a superstar of their own - Gilbert Arenas - who possesses that rare combination of brilliant skill and radiant personality that puts him in a class of his own. Nearly. For as we all know, the Caps have their own phenom, Alexander Ovechkin. This being a sports blog in which apples-to-oranges comparisons are par for the course, then, the logical next question is, "Who's better - Agent Zero or Alexander the Gr8?" This being a Caps blog, then, you might think you already know the answer. You might be wrong.

The Numbers

The Rest Of It

The Results

Clearly, the nation's capital has two of the brightest stars in their respective sports in terms of both ability and personality (three, if you throw 'Skins runningback Clinton Portis in the mix). But who's better? At present, Arenas might seem to have the slight edge, but he also has more experience and a more veteran (and relatively-expensive) team around him. However, if you polled NBA and NHL GMs and asked them to pick one player with whom to start a franchise in their respective sport, my bet is that AO would garner more votes than Gil, based on the two players' respective ages and the depth at the positions they play (surely Dwayne Wade and LeBron James would receive more votes than Arenas, and Sidney Crosby would likely receive more votes than AO).

At the end of the day, this leaves us with advantage... Ovechkin. Of course with these two, you can't go wrong with the apple or the orange.