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Who Sits?

With Richard Zednik due back Thursday and assuming that Matt Bradley returns to the team in the not-too-distant future, the Caps will have fourteen healthy forwards (did I just jinx them?). The question, then, is who gets a sweater and who doesn't?
  • Obviously AO, Semin, Zubrus, Clark and Pettinger are in the lineup.
  • Eric Fehr has made a case for himself to stay, at least for now (though his contract situation makes him the best possibility for a demotion to Hershey).
  • Boyd Gordon has proven to be an invaluable penalty killer, as has, to a lesser extent, Brooks Laich. Brian Sutherby (an alternate captain) also is a lock, despite his disappointing season thus far.
  • The Donald provides protection and has shown some offensive touch in recent weeks as well.
  • Zednik will play in hopes of increasing his value on the trade market.
That leaves one spot for Ben Clymer, Matt Bradley and Kris Beech. I think Clymer's versatility keeps him in the lineup. Might the team put Beech on waivers and send him down to Hershey? Am I wrong about Fehr sticking with the team? Could Bradley or Clymer be put on waivers? Someone else? Are all of these questions annoying?

At some point (perhaps), the team will face these same questions on the blueline. Add in the trade deadline in less than a month and GMGM will be a busy man over the next few weeks.