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Respect Ranking (1/3): Nowhere To Go But Up, Right? Right?!

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I don't have to tell you that this past week-plus has been a tough stretch for the Caps. Poor health, poor luck and most of all poor play have added up to a five-game losing streak. Not surprisingly, the slide has been noticed and has caused a corresponding slide in the Caps' Respect Ranking (and were it not for the geniuses at ESPN, the Caps average ranking of 23.5 would be even lower).

Interestingly, for the second straight week, the Caps' average ranking is less than one spot off of their Standings-Points-per-Game. Maybe the "experts" aren't all that bright individually, but they're almost spot-on as a group.

Check out DCSportsChick for a lot more analysis and snark regarding these numbers and power rankings generally and, as always, if you know of other power rankings, let me know about 'em.

Source Current Previous Change
CBS (1/2) 27 14 -13
CP (1/2) 27 20 -7 (12/31) 24 10 -14 (1/2) 13 9
FOX (1/2) 22 14 -8
Massey Rating (1/2) 26 23 -3
Sagarin Rating (1/2) 26 23 -3 (1/2) 22 16 -6 (1/2) 25 18 -7
AVERAGE 23.5 16.3
NHL Standings (Points/Games Played) 23 16 -7