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Owner's Corner

The latest edition of Ted Leonsis's Owner's Corner is up at and it includes a great recap of the first half of the season and a discussion of new/emerging media coverage of hockey. It even includes this outrageous assertion:
Give Japer’s Rink or Southeast Shootout a read and you’ll find some of the best hockey writing around.
Many thanks for the kind words, and it certainly wouldn't be possible without the organization's embracing of us alternative media types.

I also fully endorse the, uh, endorsements of Off Wing Opinion's Eric McErlain as "one of the most dedicated hockey writers on the continent" and of On Frozen Blog as creativity that "beats a lot of the coverage that even the Redskins get from the Post." There are also, of course, numerous other bloggers doing great things out there - just check out the sidebar and the SeSo Blog Roll for some of them. Of particular note, The Peerless Prognosticator is one of my personal favorite reads for his combination of analysis and entertainment value.