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I Don't Know What I'm Talking About, But I'll Still Talk About It

In the most recent edition of Scott Cullen's mailbag on appears the following (with the pure genius of the question/commentary italicized for your convenience):
Scott, I was reading the feedback regarding the suspension of Colton Orr for his hit on [Alexander] Ovechkin. It seems most of the fans are really up in arms about the double standard "star" treatment he is receiving. I haven't seen the actual hit but from what I have read it was similar to the hit that Ovechkin put on [Diveial] Briere. The topic seems to have generated enough venom that it might deserve a column as apposed to being left to fan fodder. I am not sure how much of it is simply generated by the overzealous "Sabre Fan" and as one I can understand but it might be a good topic for discussion! Thanks Again, [Name Removed To Protect The Ignorant]

[Ignoramus], It sounds to me like overzealous Sabres fans think Ovechkin deserves anything and everything that might come to him. Considering Ovechkin took an unprovoked crosscheck in the mouth from an enforcer like Orr, I don't think it is even close to the Ovechkin-Briere hit. Besides, Sabres fans should be able to bottle the acid -- Briere got his revenge spear in on Ovechkin and it went unpunished, so there's little need to keep painting Ovechkin as the eternal bad guy. - SC
First of all, without commenting on the viciousness of either hit, what kind of "overzealous 'Sabre Fan'" garbage is this guy reading that makes a shoulder bump from behind sound similar to a cross-check to the face?

Secondly, it's about time someone in the MSM tried to put an end to the ridiculous Ovechkin/Briere over-reaction that continues in Buffalo to this day. As I see it, Ovechkin cheap-shotted Briere, Briere cheap-shotted Ovechkin, Ovechkin challenged Briere to fight, Briere begged off because he just had his nails done and it's over. Let it go, Buffalo - you have more important things to worry about, such as how your hockey team is going to let you down this year like every team has managed to in every sport in the city's history (other than the Bandits - they rule).

(H/t to Novaron on the link)