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From The Department Of Historical Revision

As the Crosby/Ovechkin debate rages on, one thing that can't be debated is the fact that one of them won the Calder Trophy last year and one didn't. Still, the MSM, apparently dissatisfied with that result, continues to engage in a brand of revisionist history that would make George W. Bush blush (ok, maybe not). Take a gander at this line from's Sean Roarke:
Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin, who nipped Crosby for the Calder Trophy last season, will play one of the wings [at this year's All-Star game].
Nipped? Nipped?! AO received 124 of 129 first place votes and totalled 1,275 total voting points to Crosby's 831. In fact, at the time said that Ovechkin "ran away with the award."

Seven months later, AO "nipped" Crosby for the trophy. Mission accomplished.

[H/t to Decline the Penalty for the pointer]