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Have A Coke And A Smile Goal

Caps WaPo beat writer and fellow blogger Tarik el-Bashir notes what we've all been watching for the past couple of weeks, namely that - amazing as it seems - Alex Ovechkin seems to have found another gear. Quoth Tarik:
As one person who watches him regularly said today, "It's like he's got rocket fuel in his skates" in recent weeks. Another person said he's playing with greater "intensity and determination" than the first two months of the season.
El-Bashir teases us with his thoughts on AO's recent explosion ("I've got my theories on why we've seen such a sharp uptick in his level of play and I'll share them in tomorrow's paper"), but perhaps it's just a good ol' caffeine kick:

Incidentally, Coke should lock the kid up to do endorsements, especially in Mother Russia - he could probably sell ice to Eskimos.

[Ed. note: Am I shilling for Coca-Cola now too?]