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Zednik Out With Broken Wrist?

It looks as if the beans may have been spilled regarding the nature of Richard Zednik's undisclosed upper body injury. Some had speculated that it was a concussion, but the Harrisburg Patriot-News Hershey Bears beat writer Tim Leone apparently knows otherwise:
With Tomas Fleischmann called up to the Washington Capitals in the wake of a broken wrist suffered by Richard Zednik, [Eric] Fehr stayed hot.

If it is, in fact, a broken wrist, the injury may be a blessing in disguise for the team as it will allow more ice time for the team's younger, developing scoring-line forwards like Fleischmann. It is undeniably unfortunate for Zednik, though, who seemed to have just righted the ship after a difficult start to the season.

Big hat tip to Netsy on the scoop.