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SeSo/Japers' Rink Free Beer Challenge

As I may have mentioned here a dozen or so times already, SeSo/Rink pal D.K. and I are heading down to Raleigh for tomorrow night's Caps/'Canes game. In honor of my first trip to a Southeast Division rival's home rink, I'm proud to announce the first ever "SeSo/Japers' Rink Free Beer Challenge."

Here's the deal - if anyone comes up to me in Raleigh tomorrow night and says, "Hey, J.P., let me buy you a beer." I will, in fact, buy you a beer.*

How will you know how to find me? Easy. My seats are in Section 112 and I'll be wearing either my black Chris Bourque sweater (#67 in your media guide, #1 in your hearts) or my 2004-05 Moscow Dynamo Alexander Ovechkin sweater (word came down from on high that I should sport the AO jersey).

Good luck and Godspeed.

* Must be 21 years of age to participate. Limit one beer per customer. Probably.