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"Eastern Conference Patsies"

The sky is falling up in Southern Alberta and a Calgary Sun columnist that apparently makes Dave Fay look like Kelly Ripa has already stuck a fork in the Flames' season. Along the way, he casts aspersions on not only the hometown team, but also some of their opponents:
The scariest part of the Flames' dreadful start is the club opened the season with one of the easiest schedules in the league. In response, half their losses came against Eastern Conference patsies such as... Washington.
"Eastern Conference patsies," eh? I bet if you were to poll Eastern Conference GMs, coaches and players not a single one of them would use the word "patsies" to describe the Caps. And I'm certain that if you asked Dion Phaneuf and his Flames teammates for their thoughts, you wouldn't hear that word either.

The Caps gave Calgary sixty minutes of hell the other night - the kind of game that Calgary would play back in 2003-04 en route to the Stanley Cup Finals - and deserve more respect than this.

Hat tip to TANK1 for the link.