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Monday Roundup: The Best Defense Is Surrounding Yourself With Worse Defenses

Caps Quick Hits

Despite the title of this article, it's not about the Caps. In fact, with the 'Skins in the bottom third of nearly every defensive category, the Wiz giving up the second most points in the NBA a season ago, the Nationals committing the most errors in the Majors and Donald Rumsfeld being a complete debacle (rim shot), is it possible that the Caps actually have the best defense in town? Scary (and yes, I do realize that DC United has given up the fewest goals in the MLS, but I choose not to care about futbol).

Daily Awards

  • Hart: Jussi Jokinen (A, SO winner - really, is there anyone you'd rather have on your side in a shootout than "The Pussi"?)
  • Ross: Scott Niedermayer (2 points)
  • Norris: Scott Niedermayer (G, A, +2, 4 hits)
  • Vezina: J.S. Giguere (1 goal allowed on 21 shots against through OT in 35:23 of relief)
  • Richard: six players tied with 1 goal each
  • Calder: Ryan Shannon (because he tried a Spin-O-Rama in the shootout - hat tip to Kukla's on the link, and look for the move at around 3:10)
  • Aiken: Ilya Bryzgalov (2 goals allowed on 14 shots against in just 28:40 of work)