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D.C. United... But Not Necessarily In Support Of Soccer

Apparently the Caps aren't the only local squad that could use a few more fannies in the seats, and D.C. Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg is "calling out all Caps fans to show up for [D.C.] United's home half of the opening round of the playoffs this Sunday evening." Steinberg's plea to the local hockey faithful continues:
The Skins have a bye and the Caps are off. No excuses. I'll even invite you to the Barra and the Eagles' tailgates. You United and Caps people seem to have a lot in common: you think the Washington Post undercovers your team, you occasionally read my blog, you like alcohol, you don't like teams from New York. This is a natural love connection. This especially means you, Goat and Sam Horn Guy.
Now, sitting outside watching soccer on a Sunday night in late October doesn't really appeal to me (though bitching about the WaPo's coverage of the Caps, reading Steinberg's blog, drinking and hating on New York sports teams are some of my favorite pastimes), but if you're interested, go out there and represent the fraternity of under-appreciated D.C. sports teams' fans. Personally, if I wanted to go to RFK to watch a team struggle mightily to score, I'd have taken in more Nats games this past summer.

UPDATE: Steinberg continues his plea to CapsNation to help out their futbol-lovin' brethren.