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When Did The NHL Turn Into The NBA?

Somewhat-breaking news out of San Jose that newly-acquired Sharks forward Mark Bell "was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and felony hit-and-run after an early morning accident during the Labor Day weekend." Bell - who had just landed the coziest job in the NHL, playing on a line with Joe Thornton and Jonathan Cheechoo for $2 million per season - was driving a 2003 Toyota sedan. Huh.

Iroincally, Bell "was named Chicago's 'Man of the Year' last season for his charity work and community service." Something tells me he'll be doing a lot of community service in San Jose too, though he's unlikely to receive an award for it.

Bell's legal troubles come just days after Minnesota Wild tough Derek Boogaard was charged with"assault causing bodily harm in connection with a nightclub fight" and at the end of a summer that saw free agent bruiser Ryan VandenBussche rack up charges including (but not limited to): assaulting a peace officer, assault causing bodily harm, resisting arrest and threatening death or bodily harm.

Can the season please start already so we can get these guys off the street and on the ice?