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Well That Answers That... Partially

Undoubtdely in direct response to the current Rink Poll at right, Alexander Ovechkin has taken his name out of the running for new team captain (leaving Chris Clark as Rink readers' current pick for the job). Sayeth Alex:
This year I'm not ready because my English isn't good enough. If I need to say something to the team . . . it's hard. The captain is very important, you must be a leader all the time.
Personally, I think this is a great decision. I've discussed this topic before and have mentioned it on the Tag-Board (which I may have to take down thanks to an unbearable amount of robo-spam), but for now I'd like to see Ovechkin focus on his development as a hockey player unburdened by the responsibilities that go along with being the team's captain. Make no mistake about it, though - Ovechkin is a born leader and will lead this team on and off the ice whether he has a "C" on his jersey or not.

And what hockey story these days would be complete without a mention of Evgeni "The Next Next One... No, Not That Next Next One But The Other Next Next One" Malkin? Asked about his fellow countryman, Alex answered in what has become classic Ovechkin fashion:
"He was my roommate at the Olympics, he's a good guy and a good teammate. But if I meet him in the corner...," Ovechkin smiled...
Screw the captaincy. AO for President.