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Snip, Snip, Snip And All Semin, All The Time

Another round of cuts yesterday, sending "[g]oaltender Frederic Cassivi, left wing Quintin Laing, right wing Eric Fehr, defensemen Lawrence Nycholat and Timo Helbling, center Dave Steckel and defenseman Jamie Hunt" to Hershey. Really no surprises here, and Fehr (and perhaps Nycholat and/or Steckel) is the only ones of that bunch who even has a chance at regular duty in Washington down the road, but, as I mentioned the other day, Fehr is clearly not ready for the NHL.

speaking of Hershey, the Caps throw their minor league affiliate's fans a bone and "host" the Devils at the Giant Center later today.

In other Caps news, Dave Fay talks Semin in the WTimes and Tarik El-Bashir does the same in the WaPo.