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Alexander The Humanitarian

There's a nice article in The Star this morning about Alexander Ovechkin's latest humanitarian efforts, as AO has teamed up with Right To Play, "a Toronto-based international humanitarian organization, which brings sport and play programs to children in the most disadvantaged areas in the world."
The NHL's rookie of the year realizes there are many kids not nearly as fortunate [as he was/is/always will be], which is why on a day when fellow Russian wunderkind Evgeni Malkin inked a deal with the Penguins, Ovechkin signed up with a new team of his own. He joined Right To Play yesterday as one of five new NHL athlete ambassadors.

And you thought assisting was one of his less-impressive skills as a player?

Speaking of less impressive (just kidding), Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby will spend the day with Alex in NYC doing a Sports Illustrated photo shoot.