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Appeasing J.R.

Rink fave Jeremy Roenick is running his mouth for a change, this time complaining that his new team (the Phoenix Coyotes for those who care) won't be on national broadcast television in the U.S. this coming season (they will be on OLN Versus one time).

Despite the fact that the 'Yotes had a losing record, missed the playoffs and didn't have a single 70-point scorer a season ago, by not showing a single one of their games on NBC, the League and/or NBC are "incredibly either disrespectful to Wayne [Gretzky - duh] or disrespectful to the city of Phoenix," according to J.R. He continues:
"Yeah, Phoenix is not a big city, but we do have some big-name players on our team such as Jovanovski and Owen Nolan, myself, Shane Doan, and an up-and-comer like (Ladislav) Nagy."
Forgiving for a moment J.R.'s ignorance (Phoenix is actually the sixth largest city in the U.S.) and his over-inflated ego (his point totals since 2000-01? 76, 67, 59, 47 and 22 - look out below!), we at The Rink would like nothing more than to make Jeremy happy. So here - on the World Wide Web for all to see - is a Phoenix Coyotes highlight:


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