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A Quick Rundown Of The Days' Caps News

The WaPo profiles prospect Jeff Schultz (read the article and insert "Caps/choke" joke here), while the WTimes profiles local would-be Cap Stephen Werner.

Finally, much has been made lately about whether or not Alex Ovechkin will (or should) replace Jeff Halpern as the Caps next captain. Kara Yorio thinks so, and she should know, having spent countless days travelling with the team and hours behind closed doors in the locker room after games and practices. Wait, no she hasn't. Neither has just about anyone speculating about the future of the team's captaincy.

A hockey team's captain isn't about individual points, hits or potential, and while Alex is clearly a strong leader on (and by all accounts off) the ice, if and when he's ready to captain the team - and if and when the team is ready to have him as their de facto leader - head coach Glen Hanlon, and not some columnist in a national sports publication, will let him and the rest of us know it.