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Owner's Corner For July 7, 2006

A new edition of Owner's Corner is up at In it, Ted Leonsis dishes on the NHL Awards and Draft, Caps prospects, free agency, and the new Ballston practice facility. He offers this on the newest Cap NHLer, Brian Pothier:
This summer our hockey operations staff felt that adding a defenseman who could man the point on the power play while playing a significant number of minutes at even strength was a priority and would improve our club. They identified a few players who fit that bill, and we feel fortunate that we were able to add Brian Pothier to our team for the next four years. We feel he is capable of assuming a larger role than he had in Ottawa (where they had several top-flight "D"), and that he can step in here and play more than 20 minutes a night while bolstering our power play. We also feel that adding Pothier helps take some pressure off some of our younger defensemen and will hopefully enable them to develop at a proper pace.