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Corny Color Analyst For Televised Poker Coverage Must Be Number Six

In today's gratuitous cheap shot at hockey, Norman Chad gives his list of the Five Worst Jobs In Sports. Coming in at number five (or is it number one?):
Commissioner, National Hockey League: Honestly, what's the point?
Kudos to Chad for both piling on an easy target and failing to make a coherent point, all in one fell swoop. I think it's pretty clear that there's a "point" to being the NHL Commissioner, as said Commish just negotiated a huge win for his bosses - the owners - to end the most prolonged work stoppage in professional sports history. Love him or hate him, Gary Bettman has served his masters (if not his sport) well and has unquestionably left an indelible mark on the game of hockey. If Chad had really wanted to poke fun at an impotent (and unimportant) Commissioner, he should look at the guy whose most significant decisions in the last half-dozen years have been to let baseball games end in ties
and turn a blind-eye to rampant drug abuse within his sport until the government was forced to step in.