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Caps Re-Sign Laich, Cassivi

The Caps have re-signed center Brooks Laich and goaltender Frederic Cassivi. Terms for both deals were not disclosed.

The Laich signing is more important, as Cassivi, the 2006 Calder Cup MVP, is headed straight for Hershey, while Laich will get a real shot to center the Caps' second line. I remember Ted Leonsis (gratuitous name drop) telling me last year that the organization sees Laich as "a Steve Konowalchuk-type player with a little more offense." If that's the case, his future is indeed bright and pretty soon he'll be more than just "the guy we got for Bondra."

UPDATE: According to the WaPo (which has a nice article on towering blueline prospect Sasha Pokulok), Laich's deal is for one year at $627,000. The WTimes, however, reports that the deal is for one year at $606,000. Who should I believe - one of the most respected newspapers in the world or Sun Myung Moon and his neo-con daily? Sadly, is reporting the deal is for $606,100, so it looks like the Moonies win... this round.

Finally, if you haven't been reading them daily, catch up on Mike Vogel's reports from Caps' prospect camp here, here and here.