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Number 22 In Your Programs, Number 64 In Your Hearts

Mike Commodore needs a hug. Two nights after being force-fed Nolan Yonkman's fist and less than a week after getting kicked out of a game with Atlanta for being the third man into a fight, the Carolina blueliner was tagged with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty last night for slamming the boards with his stick in reaction to a holding call he was assessed as he tried to stop Alex Ovechkin from blowing by him like the traffic cone that he is (and before any of you 'Caniacs get all worked up, sure, the Caps would love to have a defenseman like Commodore in their top six right now).

But we at The Rink feel your pain, Mike, and we want to show you some love, first with the Mike Commodore Nickname Contest (submit your best in the comments to this post) and then with the Mike Commodore Photo Gallery (yes, I know they're old Flames pics, but love is timeless, no?):

We love you too, Mikey.


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