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Thursday Roundup/Gamenight: Blues @ Caps

[Gameday Preview - Preview]

Sick of "The Goal" yet? Of course you're not. You need to see a nearly frame-by-frame graphic detailing just how it was scored (yes, I know that was in the print edition of yesterday's WaPo, but they didn't get around to putting it online until later in the day).

Today's WTimes discusses how the team has come together and improved both on and off the ice.

Today is day two of The Rink GOTV drive. If you haven't already done so, go here and vote "yes" to the current poll. If you don't, the terrorists have won.

In other NHL news:
  • The Pens lost Ziggy Palffy's 713 career points and 322 career penalty minutes yesterday, but added Eric Cairns' 41 career points and 1090 career penalty minutes. Maybe he'll be the arm-breaker they so desperately need.
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