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Wednesday Roundup/Bruins 4, Caps 3 (OT)Gameday: Caps @ Devils

[Boxscore - Recap - Postgame Coverage - Pregame Coverage]

This Caps team isn't supposed to be outworked. Outshot? Frequently. Outscored? Often. But not outworked. Yet that is exactly what happened last night as they let a two-goal third period lead disappear at home and had to settle for a single overtime loss-point against the Bruins. Sure, the Caps were outshot badly (43-18 for the game) and probably didn't even deserve the point they got. But Glen Hanlon put it best when he said, "They beat us at out game and our game is outworking team[s] and directing pucks to the net," Hanlon said. "That's the hard part to swallow." Indeed.

The WaPo recaps the game here, the WTimes here. To read an account of how impressed Sergei Samsonov and the rest of the Bruins are with Alex Ovechkin, check out the Globe and the Herald.

In other Caps-related news, last night was Autism Awareness Night, and the team raised over $12,000 for the cause. To learn more about the disease that afflicts approximately 1 in every 166 children born in the U.S. each year (Olie Kolzig's son Carson among them), and/or to contribute to the efforts to find a cure, head over here.

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