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Tuesday Roundup: A Wagon And A Carriage

Monday was an off-day for the Caps, but somehow they still managed a loss. Read about it in the WTimes here.

In other Caps news, there's a new Alex Ovechkin interview up at Russian Hockey Digest. The kid continues to say all the right things (when asked, for example, why he wasn't made the Caps' captain, he quickly responds "No, no, no! There is nothing to discuss about, I'm a new player in the team."). But my personal favorite line?
"I'm only 20, and I have a wagon and a carriage full of power."
Some guys have just a wagon full of power. Others, only a carriage. Some have but a rickshaw of might or a shopping cart's worth of brawn. But not Alex. Alex has a wagon and a cart. And they're full of power.

Speaking of El Ocho, check out a great montage of his first few weeks' worth of highlights here (trust me, it's worth the wait to download it).

Elsewhere around the League:
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Update: is running a profile of well-travelled Caps blueliner Jamie Heward.