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Sunday Roundup/Caps 5, Rangers 1

[Boxscore - Recap - Postgame Coverage]

Ladies and gentlemen, Alexander Ovechkin. Last night, El Ocho put on a show, complete with a bone-crushing hit, highlight reel rushes, a brilliant goal and a couple of feather-soft assists - and all with Jaromir Jagr in attendance, in theory playing for the opposition (though I think he'd find it a little easier to play if he put his purse down while he's on the ice). Not to be outdone by the wunderkind, Olie Kolzig played a spectacular game in net (probably only losing the shutout thanks to a Brian Willsie clear on a late penalty kill that went about 20 rows up into section 109 that set up a Ranger 5-on-3 advantage), and the team as a whole played perhaps its most complete game of the season. Other players deserving of praise were Steve Eminger, Matt Bradley and Shaone Morrison (for shutting down Jagr, who seemed to have trouble skating in high heels).

That's it. For more fact-based recaps, check out the WaPo's and the WTimes' recaps, but in truth, the game was best summed up by none other than Jagr himself:
"We just didn't really have a chance. When we had a chance, there was Kolzig in the net."
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