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Jeremy Roenick: Ass

I guess playing second fiddle to Sean Avery isn't sitting well with Jeremy Roenick, contrary to some reports. You see, it used to be J.R. who was the one stirring the pot and getting all the media attention (and cool roommates - NHL Center Ice joke). That was, of course, until he was traded to Los Angeles where Avery's mouth is king of on- and off-ice controversy (Avery's also dating Elisha Cuthbert, apparently - some Rink bonus info right there). So what can J.R. say to cause a stir? How's this:

[Roenick] told The Los Angeles Times that he "better be" on the Olympic team that will compete in Turin, Italy, in February.

"It would be a travesty if I'm not," Roenick told the newspaper. "I know they want a youth movement, and they need to have one, but it'd be disrespectful of the guys who have gotten Team USA to this point internationally."

This point? The point at which we've won exactly zero gold medals (and have only won a single medal of any color) since a certain miracle 25 years ago? But that's neither here nor there. Roenick has 11 points in 26 games so far this season, which is currently 12th on the Kings in scoring and puts him behind fellow Americans Craig Conroy, Joe Corvo, Tim Gleason and Dustin Brown. In other words, Roenick would barely make a starting five of American players on the Kings.

As for his Olympic track record, Roenick has exactly one goal and six points in 10 games. Not exactly awe-inspiring. And he wants to go to Turin to represent the red, white and blue? Get real. Right now there are at least nine American centers off the top of my head who are more deserving of wearing that sweater than Roenick, including (in no particular order) Doug Weight, Brian Rolston, Mike Modano, Jeff Halpern, Tim Connolly, Scott Gomez, Tyler Arnason, Conroy and Chris Drury (who am I missing? Tell me in the comments).

And what if (when) Roenick is not named to Team USA?
Roenick, 35, told The Times that if he doesn't make the cut, Team USA "better hope that I don't get a job as a commentator on NBC for [the Games], or it'd be 'Go Canada' all the way, and I don't want that."
Nice threat, J.R. I'll counter with this: if that washed up bag of bones does make the cut, I'll be "Go Canada" all the way. And I don't want that.