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Friday Roundup/Panthers 3, Caps 2

[Boxscore - Recap]

Sorry I'm so late with the Roundup - I had a mandatory course on professionalism/ethics up in Baltimore this morning. [Insert joke here]. Anyway, the Caps were bleak last night, going 1-for-7 on the power play against a team ranked 26th of the league in penalty killing. On the flip-side of the special teams coin, the Caps surrended two goals on four power plays to the third-worst team in the NHL with the extra man. Jelly. Tarik and Dave have more to say about the woeful effort.

Fay also has a bonus piece on the Alexander Semin case. Yawn.

As yet another extra pre-weekend goodie, Tarik gives us a wonderful article about how happy Jaromir Jagr finally is again now that he's not in Washington. Believe me, pal, the feeling is mutual. Speaking of Jagr, thanks to Jeff at Sisu Hockey for this all-too fitting screen cap. See you tomorrow night, Jags.

In other news around the League:
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