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Wednesday Roundup/Pens 5, Caps 4

[Boxscore - Recap]

The Caps came out flat, fought back, but ultimately lost. I'm too upset to recap it (though pleased with the team's effort in the second and third periods), so I'll leave that to the local scribes, here and here. No time to dwell on this one, though, as the Lightning make their third visit of the year to the MCI tonight.

In other news around the League:
  • An already difficult week for the collective NHL family got worse on Tuesday when Ottawa rightwing Chris Neil's mother Bonnie was killed in a car accident in Canada.
Daily Awards
Japers' Pick
  • Last night's games: I got the TB/PHI game wrong and the Caps/Pens right (unfortunately). Current Record: 5-8.
  • Tonight's game: Nine games on the docket tonight, including a couple of biggies. While the Avs/Wings is a tempting one to pick, it's too hard to guess how Detroit will play in the wake of the Fischer incident (though I'd guess very well), we'll go with Boston at Toronto in Eric Lindros's 700th career game (we had the under). Boston is 1-8-1 in intradivisional games so far this season, are riding their longest losing streak in nearly nine years, and have won only three of nine road games this season. Do they break those streaks at the ACC on Wednesday? Not likely. Leafs 5, Bruins 2.