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Wednesday Roundup: October Surprise

It's no secret that the Capitals defense has, um, struggled at times. But help may be on the way for the blueline, as Ivan Majesky may make his debut for the team by Thanksgiving. Unlike with Mathieu Biron, who can no longer even break the lineup, I was excited when the Caps signed Majesky and look forward to seeing what he can do. Speaking of the rearguard, the WTimes details the emergence of Steve Eminger.

According to the League's recently-released demographic study (cited here), the Caps are the biggest team in the League (averaging 211.2 pounds), more than 15 pounds heavier than Nashville, the NHL's lightest squad. Hmm. The Caps are also the 4th youngest team in the League and have the second-most Canadians on their roster. And here's some NHL-demographic trivia for you: What U.S. state has produced the most current NHLers? Hint: It's New York.

In other news around the League:
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