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Thursday Roundup: Cole Makes History

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With no game to recap and no game to preview, our dynamic duo of local beat writers has taken another day off from publishing (as far as I can tell), probably sparing us a fluff piece on Shaone Morrisonn and an in depth look at the art of skate-sharpening.

In other news from around the League and beyond:
Daily Awards
Japers' Pick
Another new feature here at the Rink in which we highlight the game of the day/night and then make a prediction as to its outcome. Tonight's game?
  • Colorado at Vancouver: The Avs return to the scene of the crime - literally - once again as the top two teams in the Northwest Division square off. Vancouver is undefeated at home (7-0-0), but is on a mini two- game losing streak, so something has to give. Our bet? Vancouver drops its first home game of the season, 4-3.