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Sunday Roundup/Devils 3, Caps 2

[Boxscore - Recap]

Well, Shayne, you got your sweep. Happy? Three power-play goals were all the Devils needed yesterday against a Caps team that mustered all of two shots in the third period of a game they trailed by one goal. Inexcusable. Brent Johnson was decent in goal (which makes yesterday his best game of the year by far), and the fourth line (Clymer-Sutherby-Bradley) played hard and potted both goals, but an NHL team can't go through a 20-minute period getting the same number of shots as Brian Rafalski does against them. Period.

The WaPo's recap is here, the WTimes' here. And for a take on the game that completely disrespects the Caps ("This Devils team that could face a housecleaning at least swept the doormat"), here's the NYPost's recap.

Elsewhere around the League:
  • Kings buffoon Sean Avery has been fined by the League for diving. I'm not sure why the League fines a guy for a questionable fall but not for dropping n-bombs during a game, but it's Gary Bettman's League - we're just watching it.
Daily Awards
Japers' Pick
  • Last night's game: Our first loss of the season. With three minutes left, we looked to be on our way to a third straight correct pick but it wasn't meant to be, thanks to a fluky goal and an OT laser that helped the Leafs past the Canadiens, 5-4. Current record: 2-1.
  • Tonight's game: A typically light menu of Sunday games with one that jumps off the page at us - Detroit at Vancouver. The Canucks dealt the Wings one of their two (!) losses, so this matchup of division leaders has a little revenge on the line in addition to being a good measuring stick for both teams as we approach the quarter-pole. The Wings are 7-0-0 on the road, the Canucks 7-1-1 at home (losing their first to Colorado the other day). It's a tough game to pick, but we'll go with Detroit, 5-3.