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Special Gameday Preview: The Man Versus The Kid

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The day has come. In one of the NHL's most highly-anticipated early season matchups, Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals head into Pittsburgh to take on Sidney Crosby and the Pens.

We'll begin our coverage (and by coverage, I mean link aggregating) with the official Gameday Preview from Mike Vogel at, and stay local with the WaPo's take as well as that of the WTimes. For local accounts from the other side, we'll head over to, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

(Inter)nationally, the CP has a piece on the matchup, as do The Globe and Mail, the AP, and the Toronto Sun.

In the blogosphere, Off Wing Opinion is the first one (that I can see) to mention the matchup, and Caps Message Board veterans Nomad and fjc33 do their Scouting Report and Peerless Prognostication, respectively, for the game.


More links today as they appear, and feel free to point me towards ones I've missed in the comments. Later today, Japers' Pick on this matchup. I'll give you a hint: it's like Rocky IV, except the other guy wins.

Update:'s contribution here.