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Saturday Roundup/Devils 4, Caps 3Gameday: Caps @ Devils

[Boxscore - Recap - Preview]

So no one wanted to buy me a beer yesterday? That's cold. Anyway, I don't have much time to recap what was a pretty boring hockey game, so here's the WaPo's take and here's the WTimes'. Be sure to head over to the AO Videos Site to see clips of our hero crushing Colin White and Scott Gomez.

Daily Awards
Japers' Pick
  • Last night's game: I'm on a roll, as the Wings downed the Wild 3-1 (one goal off my prediction) to raise my record to 2-0.
  • Tonight's game: What kind of hockey fan would I be if I didn't pick Leafs-Habs on Hockey Night in Canada? An American one. Still, this is the night's most compelling matchup, so I'll pick it - 4-2 Canadiens.