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Monday Roundup/Caps 5, Leafs 4

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[Boxscore - Recap - Postgame Notebook]

The Caps are on a roll. Last night the team achieved several firsts and one fourth for the season including:
  • their first two-game win streak,
  • the first time they scored more than three goals in a game,
  • the first time they had more than 30 shots in a game,
  • the first time they had a two goal lead in a game,
  • the first time the power play looked any good over the course of a game, scoring three times, and
  • the fourth time Alex Ovechkin has scored two goals in a game.
I'll let the local papers do the heavy lifting on the game recap, since I'm still exhausted from having gone to last night's thrilling Redskins game and having spent the better part of the morning sitting in a parking lot at FedEx Field. The WaPo's coverage is here, the WTimes here. For a different perspective, here's the Globe and Mail's take and here's the CP's recap.

Elsewhere around the League:
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