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Monday Roundup: From Russia With No Enforcement Power

First and foremost, let me direct you over to Behind the Jersey for the latest "Carnival of the NHL". For those of you unfamiliar with it, it's a collection of bloggings on the game we all love, and definitely worth checking out. On to Rink stuff...

Sorry for abandoning you over the weekend but I had a touch of the Irish flu. I hope you (my one reader) understands. Anyway, what a win up in Montreal, eh? (If you need a Monday pick-me-up, read the comments at the bottom of that article for a reaction from Quebecers commensurate with what I'd expect if the Canadian government outlawed speaking French - mon dieu!). Big team effort and of course a victory would not have been possible without stellar play from 'Zilla in net. The Caps even managed a win without El Ocho appearing on the scoresheet. Jelly.

Elsewhere in Capland, Dynamo Moscow wants Ovechkin back. Moscow has a better chance of getting Lenin back. The Caps and AO's management have issued statements on the matter here, and the issue is looked at in a little more depth over at Off Wing Opinion. Of course, the local papers are also on top of this story, the WaPo here and the WTimes here.

Of course, that story will lose its legs soon enough and give way to the real big story of the week: the battle between good and evil that will take place tomorrow night in Pittsburgh. Look for much more coverage of the first NHL meeting between Bird and Magic, err, Ovechkin and Crosby later in the day and tomorrow at The Rink.

Daily Awards
Japers' Pick
  • Last game: Did I lose again? Yep. Current record: 3-6.
  • Tonight's game: It's getting ugly. I need to get on a roll and there are three good Western Conference games on the slate. I think I'll pick all three. Wings 4, Preds 2; Avs 4, Flames 3; Oilers 5, Sharks 3.