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Wednesday's Roundup: Game On!

Tonight's game: Columbus at Washington, 7:00 PM.

I'm downright giddy. There's no other way to describe it. Actually, there are probably a dozen other ways to describe it, but my limited vocabulary once again rears its ugly head. Oh well.

Today's WaPo comments on yesterday's transactions. Why was Mike Green sent down? Why wasn't Mathieu Biron sent down? Does Max Ouellet need to clear waivers to be sent down? Don't look for TeB to answer any of these questions, though the first two probably have more to do with the fact that Biron would be making NHL money whether he was in the NHL or in the AHL and that Green could be sent down cheaper (Dave Fay actually answered this one in his column) and the third question must be answered with a "no," since I'd think it would be mentioned otherwise. The Post also has a capsule preview of the team's new guys and the League's major rule changes.

The Post's Bill Gildea penned a novel on Alexander Ovechkin - it will make a good read tonight while I'm sitting in my seat in between the pregame skate and the drop of the puck. Dave Fay also has an Ovechkin fluff piece running today.

Caps wing Chris Clark will start the season on injured reserve with a rib injury and is listed as day-to-day.

The team announced that all 82 regular season games will be broadcast on the radio on 570 AM.

Finally, according to a radio interview with George McPhee, Alex Semin's travel problems boil down to this: Semin apparently has a visa and wants to come over to the U.S. but the Russian Army won't grant him a passport. In other words, the inability of the IIHF to get a transfer agreement in place that the Russians could sign on to is killing us. Take that for what it's worth (and thanks for the tip, FlyersSuck).

In other League news:
  • A full slate of games tonight - The Rink's game of the night? Canadiens at Bruins.
Look for more updates throughout the day. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.