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Saturday Roundup/Lightning 4, Caps 2

[Boxscore - Recap]

I didn't see last night's game (I was busy being bored by "Good Night, And Good Luck"), but plan on watching it on TiVo after I post this. By all accounts, the Caps played a very good road game, similar to Wednesday night's game in Rochester. However, the result wasn't the same. Another two goal night for Alex Ovechkin (in case you needed another opinion on the matter, Vinny Lecavalier agrees that "He's the real deal.") and another solid night for Olie Kolzig wasted by a couple of game-changing lapses, according to today's WaPo, which also notes injuries to forwards Matt Bradley and Dainius Zubrus. Next up for the Caps is Philadelphia on Thursday.

Oh, and Ovechkin is "making a run" at the Calder Trophy. FYI.

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