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Saturday Roundup/Gamenight: 'Canes (3-2-1) @ Caps (3-5-0)

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The Caps play host to the Carolina Hurricanes tonight (7:00, MCI Center), a team that pounded them 7-2 down in Raleigh last week. In that game, Eric Staal had a goal and three assists. Staal's 11 points have him tied for second in the League in scoring, so it should be no great mystery who the Caps have to shutdown, and playing at home they should have every opportunity to do just that.

This morning's WaPo has a good read on Alex Ovechkin's quick start, including this quote that should send chills down the spines of NHL goaltenders:
Asked about his recent scoring tear, Ovechkin said: "I can score more."

So what's holding him back?

He pointed at his temple: "I don't know. It's me, the reason."

This kid's attitude is simply amazing, especially in light of some of the other would-be saviors this organization has banked on before. At the risk of stating the obvious, as long as the losing doesn't wear on him too much, the sky's the limit.

Today's WTimes reflects further on Thursday night's middle-period debacle.

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