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Wednesday Roundup: Postcards From Camp

From down the road in Piney Orchard, the WaPo has a stirring article on how career third- and fourth-liners Ben Clymer, Chris Clark and Matt Bradley jumped at the chance to sign with the Caps because it would present them with "increases in ice-time and responsibility." Translation: in D.C. even a plumber can find himself on a scoring line. Interesting note at the tail-end of the article that defenseman Ivan Majesky failed his team physical, a blow to an already terrible defense.

The WaPo also has a throw away Kornheiser article (can you call three real paragraphs an article?) expressing the obvious sentiments regarding Brendan Witt's trade request, only it took Tony over a month to take the four minutes to write the blurb.

The WTimes has a profile of perennial Caps blueline prospect Nolan Yonkman who is finally healthy, though we know (and sort of hope) it won't last long. After all, this is a guy who is not only a danger to himself, but to others as well, as he broke Michael Nylander's leg in training camp two years ago.

Others news and notes from around the League:
  • Thrashers camp opened yesterday with Peter Bondra (and without Ilya Kovalchuk) in attendance.
  • Former Bruins defenseman Don Sweeney is retiring, ending a 1,000+ game career. Bon voyage.