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Saturday Roundup: Oh Captain, My Captain

As we mentioned last night, Jeff Halpern has been named captain of the Caps, replacing probably the worst captain in team history in Brendan Witt (if I had a nickel for every time I said, "A captain can't act that way," this site would be much prettier). Jeff's been through an awful lot in the past year or so, and we know how proud everyone is of his newfound responsibility. One quip - in his acceptance speech last night, Halpern failed to mention that he learned everything he knows about hockey from the Rink's own Spe.

The WaPo covers the announcement here, the WTimes here.

There's a new interview with Alexander Ovechkin up at Russian Hockey Digest.

Tonight's game: Caps @ Flyers, 7:00 PM.

Friday's Scoreboard:
Elsewhere around the League (and other leagues):