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Friday Roundup: Tarik, What Do You Think Of Ryan's New Haircut?

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Four days into camp and already the WaPo's Tarik El-Bashir is getting tired of covering the team. Instead of what journalists would call an "article," El-Bashir turned in a four-blurb compilation with a couple of quotes from Andy Cassels on wearing a visor and from J.F. Fortin on how the team's defense finally stinks enough for his unmotivated butt to possibly get some ice-time. Oh, and defenseman Steve Eminger took a couple of shifts at center to "see things from a forward's point of view." Tarik must've been busy watching The O.C. last night. The WTimes does no better today, covering almost exactly the same ground.

Tonight is preseason Game #1, at Carolina. Fans can tune in to to listen.

Elsewhere around the League:
  • Apparently the Bolts aren't pleased with the young defensemen they have competing for the open sixth spot on the blueline. J.F. Fortin has a chance to land a spot in the Caps' top defensive pairing and the Lightning are whining that they can't find a decent back-end blueliner. We feel John Tortorella's pain. Really.
  • This, from the "I Just Threw Up In My Mouth" file.