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Friday Roundup: How To Cover The Off Day

With no game to recap or preview, both the WaPo and the WTimes turn to the sports writer's old standby - the fluff piece. Equal parts substance and human interest, the piece puts a face on the athletes and ties in loosely with current events. Today's local papers provide good examples of this not-so-lost art. Over at the WTimes, readers will find one such fluff piece. But not just any fluff piece. This is one on new Rink favorite BabyRay Bourque. Read it. Go on, I'll wait. I'm not going to continue with this post until you read it, so you might as w- Thank you. Now, are you ready for a double dose of C-Bo? Because the WaPo's fluff piece is on, you guessed it, Chris Bourque. As if this smorgasbourque (clever, ain't I?) isn't enough, Eric's covered the coverage over at Off Wing Opinion. Brilliant.

Not much else going on in Capland, except for this picture of Jeff Halpern with a baby who survived Katrina (my wife is so loving it), so off to Thursday's Scoreboard:
In other news from around the League: